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Beta 96895
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[96888] New: New MP bandwidth control algorithm available through commandline option -bandwidthAlg=2

Патч: ftp://downloads.bistudio.com/arma2.com/update/beta/ARMA2_OA_Build_96895.zip

Зеркало: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140007-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-96895-(1-62-MP-compatible-build-post-1-62-release)

Обсуждение на форуме BI: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140007-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-96895-(1-62-MP-compatible-build-post-1-62-release)

this commandline option enables different algorithm for MP bw, which may help resolve issues described in original ticket https://dev-heaven.net/issues/27001#change-144636

Low bandwidth players blocking people from connecting / players with packetloss causing server-wide desync
Note: I have placed the 'affected A2 version" as 1.52, as that's the lowest version I see. We have seen this issue since sometime in the ArmA1 days and have reported it before. I'm reporting it again as 1.60 had changes that indicated that this sort of behavior was likely fixed.

We are using 1.60.86652 for this.

The issue was observed as follows:

We had a mission loaded that was a 'bare' mission, intended to allow us to join into the server in a live mission, instead of 'just' as the slot selection screen. The reason we do this is because of the behavior I am about to describe, since we need access to the in-game MP/network statistics to diagnose it.

After we had approximately 60 people in the server, a set of several players was unable to connect. They would get to 'Waiting for host...' and never progress. I looked at the MP statistics screen to see if anyone had high desync or low bandwidth, and identified one player (zmbpngn) as having low bandwith (below 70) and 100000 desync. After kicking this player (who was already fully in the mission), the 'blocked' players IMMEDIATELY were able to connect. I have attached a screen capture showing this.

I have also attached a slice of our rpt from when this happened. The issue occurred at 17:19 server time, but I do not see any rpt messages that would explain it.

That's all I can say re: how it happens. Since the repro for us typically takes >50 players and one player with a really shit connection, this is a hard one to repro. :(

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Cерьёзные Игры на Тушино - Форум » Серьёзные игры на Тушино » ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ ФОРУМ ПРОЕКТА » Beta 96895 ([96888] New: New MP bandwidth control algorithm available t)
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