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Rules for all project participants.
These rules apply to any mission running on the server project Serious Games on Tushino.
Abridged version.

I Basic principles of the project
- Games on the server Arma Tushino have the ultimate goal to hold 100% balanced clash.
- Games held on the server Arma Tushino also do not want to 100% realism.
- The purpose of game - simulation of clashes based on the current game Arma II equipment and weapons, no more.
- Perform tasks assigned by the parent command.
- Compliance with the procedure adopted at the Olympics, follow the orders of the Game Administrator.


1. Kill bots, changing roles in the game, the interaction with the bots.
- Do not borrow other people's bots and go into other people's bots in the game.
- DO NOT rejoining in any other bot after starting the game (appearance of the players in the game landscape after the briefing.)
- Do not Kill bots in the first 10 minutes of the game or during peace time.
- Do not take away from any weapons bots or ammunition during peace time. In exceptional cases, the removal of only the equipment (map, binoculars, compass, c / a, medicines).
2. Kill Team for their part
- Intentionally killing a player his part is prohibited, except where noted in Section 2.
- The murder of a player in the first 10 minutes of the game or during peace time prohibited.
3. Disobeying direct orders of the commander.
- The commander has the right to shoot a subordinate place for disobeying orders.
- If we are talking about players teams - their commanders or performing their functions can follow any of its rules. If such proceedings affect more than 1 squad - is considered to be guided by this Declaration.
4. Foul play
- You agree to play fair, without using third-party tools to influence the outcome of the games.
5. Exploitation of bugs game:
- The intentional use of any bugs prohibited
Known bugs:
-Shelter under water, disappearing textures, texture pass through buildings.
6. Communication.
- The project uses two official sites: tsgames.ru in the information part, the server or flashpoint.ru regarding voice communication.
- Flooding in the game chat, voice channels TCA, any participation in it, drawing in other flood is considered a violation.
- Insults coming from the project, the affected or its members, in any public information source.
- Public insult using voice communication means is prohibited. The game world - an exception to the rule.
- All complaints about behavior and foul play are sent to the representative of the drug administration server. Placement of any charge in the public domain is not allowed.
- Note to mission maker (online or in the vehicle, in the presence of 3 persons) as well as what he has to do is unacceptable.
7. Voice communication and compliance nicks.
The player may be disqualified from participation in the Project Administration (game manager) without analysis of the situation by:
- In the absence of TC from the moment of connection to the game server
- SC complaint to disobeying orders
- Obstruction of the other players for their part, preventing the performance of their tasks
- Discrepancy nick player in TS and in the game
- Writing nick only letters.

If you violate any of these rules the player receives disciplinary action from the administration. If you disagree with the punishment the player may appeal to the Board. Board decision is final.

Administration Tushino together with all the participants would like to thank:
- All project participants for fair play and mutual respect
- Flashpoint.ru project for the opportunity to communicate in voice server and forum
- Bohemia Interactive Studio for their software
- All mission makers ever taken part in the creation of maps for the Project
- To all those who took an active part in the development and formation of the ideology of the Project
- All the creators of modifications and add-ons for the game Arma II and Arma II: OA, whose works are used in the project

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Cерьёзные Игры на Тушино - Форум » Серьёзные игры на Тушино » Tushino Serious Games - english only » Rules
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